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Verteam Nano Totale Foundation (5 bottles foundation + 1 bottle cleanserper Box) (50 Units Per Carton)
Verteam Nano Totale Foundation (5 bottles foundation + 1 bottle cleanserper Box) (50 Units Per Carton)
Last update: Aug 25, 2022
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Verteam Nano beauty liquid foundation" is Asia's first color care brand "Verteam" break through today's traditional foundation products are the latest development of a single product combined color guard, after several years of research and development can be made, from the research team, Japan and South Korea's top Asian skin experts and professors powerful lineup. Verteam launched the country's first "painting style" beauty liquid foundation, not only in functionality compared to the use of injectable market money more convenient, the effect is more pronounced and lasting, in particular "the first breakthrough to achieve a sense of 0 pink long "beautiful skin effect, whitening effect as well as the magic of nano whitening peptides, long after use, so that skin can exhibit white luster, with more skin more white, such as wiping a moment like white and flawless foundation, praised the beauty of the world of fashion women respected and loved. • "painting style" semi-permanent make-up, apply a natural lasting • Breakthrough "pink 0 sense," Oil is not binding IRES • Cosmetics, makeup carefully integrated into the machine's Must Haves • thin skin, dull skin condition gradually improved • Nano Whitening magical whitening effect of peptides, such as wiping the foundation moment like white and flawless, the more the more white • with all-natural plant extracts, safe and effective