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Millions of small businesses are the backbone of our local economies. In the past, servicing these local shops can be challenging. With Borong, we partner with suppliers of all sizes to sell wholesale goods to millions of local businesses. 
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field app
Field Sales App

Why a Field Sales App?
Servicing mom-and-pop stores can be extremely manual and time consuming. We are here to change that. Our Field Sales App is designed specifically for on field sales teams in mind.This app will help them manage their schedule, track customer orders, collect payments, promote products, and view customer promotions.
Additionally, it offers the benefit of paperless documents and quotations. With all these features, sales agents can easily hit their monthly sales KPI. Say goodbye to tedious hours of long paperwork and say hello to selling smart with just an app on your smartphone.
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borong direct
Borong Direct

Borong Direct is a personalised link to help you grow your sales on Borong at 0% commission. With Borong, you can sell your products in two ways – the Borong marketplace and through your Borong Direct link.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We don't charge any commission when you use Borong with your existing customers through your Borong Direct link. You will only pay commission on new accounts who find them through our marketplace at 3% flat rate.

There are two methods of fulfilment that you can adopt. Option 1 : You can set your current fulfilment option under Settings, such as minimum order quantity, fulfilment charges, etc. Setting this up means you will be managing fulfilment to your customers. Option 2 : You can leverage on our negotiated rates with Dropee fulfilment partners where they offer services from pick and pack, to delivery for certain fee charges.

You will get paid upon goods received confirmation by your customers. Payment will be disbursed to the assigned bank account that you have registered under your profile settings.

Yes! We work seamlessly alongside your team where we guarantee you 0% commission on all orders from existing accounts that you and your reps have already gotten.

Borong is currently available in Malaysia and Indonesia only. Stay tuned for more updates where we will be expanding to further countries across the Southeast Asia region.