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Milon's Super English Handbook (ALL EXAM LEVELS)
Milon's Super English Handbook (ALL EXAM LEVELS)
Last update: Jun 10, 2021
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The writers of this book desire to help Chinese language students to master English as a second language easily and speedily through practical exercises as well as in theory. It will help them to excel in any workplace and academic setting no matter where they go. Answers to these exercise questions and activities are provided. This is to help them to learn the correct way to read and speak in English in order to expose the jargon that surrounds the English language to them in a simple yet comprehensive manner. Available in dual languages of English and Mandarin, this book is suitable for all education level exam-takers, age groups and even for those who merely want to improve their English through self-study.

- comprehensive exercise questions

- helps master basic as well as intermediate and higher level English

- students who are advanced in Mandarin will be able to improve their English using the Mandarin text in this book

- experienced author


1 X BOOK (199 PAGES)

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