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Immunity Boosting Elixir
OV Nutrition
Immunity Boosting Elixir
Last update: May 18, 2020
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Product Description

The uniqueness of the IMMUNITY BOOSTING ELIXIR is its ingredients which are a scientific proven great source of antioxidants, immunity boosting and cell regeneration, metal biding features to help your body get rid of metals and toxins. A special powerful medical mixture of herbs that help fighting bacteria, parasites and infections. The very nutritious ALGAE AND HERBS used in this elixir besides being very nourishing, binds to heavy metals, aiding detox, and helps in enhancing immune system.

►Micro & Macro Nutrient Complete
►Helps enhance Immune System
►May help improve cholesterol
►Acts as an antioxidant
►Helps keep blood pressure in check
►Improves blood sugar levels
►Assists muscle function