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ZenSuous Coconut Oil Refined 1000ml (1L) Soap Making Oil   Skincare DIY Carrier Oil
Zen Suous
ZenSuous Coconut Oil Refined 1000ml (1L) Soap Making Oil Skincare DIY Carrier Oil
Last update: Jul 29, 2022
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Product Description Specification

Origin: Local Malaysia

Grade: Cosmetic Grade (NOT food grade)

Method: Pressed with coconut shell

Colour : Yellow to Brown

Scents: Odorless

Refined Coconut oil is suitable to use for Soap Making, Candle and Massage oil.. Please note that this Refined Coconut Oil is NOT food grade, its meant for soap making and massage oil. 

Coconut Oil is also known as pure coconut oil, is great for hydrating skin and it deeply penetrates to condition, moisturize and soften skin and hair. Pure Coconut oil is suitable to use for hair, body, face, nail care, massage oil, making soap, skin care etc ✔️


1. Excellent skin moisturizes

2. Gently deep cleansing

3. Soften skin and impurities clogged on pores

4. Anti bacterial

5. Treats stretch mark

6. Treats acne

7. Improves skin conditions including razor burn, minor wounds and pimples

8. Protects skin from sunburn

9. Reduces wrinkles

10. Prevents premature aging

11. Retains natural protein of follicles

12. Improves dandruff and dry scalp

13. Stimulates hair growth

14. Adds luster, shines and softness to the hair

15.Moisture and strengthen nails