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EDENVALE Alcohol Removed Wine - Sauvignon Blanc 750ml
EDENVALE Alcohol Removed Wine - Sauvignon Blanc 750ml
Last update: Feb 22, 2021
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Product Description Specification

EDENVALE is a non-intoxicating, sophisticated beverage for those who wish to make a healthy lifestyle choice. For lovers of premium wine, our exceptional range of alcohol removed wines are perfect for celebrations, as an accompaniment to food, or enjoyed on its own.

Edenvale Sauvignon Blanc is pale yellow with a slight youthful green hue. Definitive capsicum, ripe gooseberry and green herbaceous fruit aromas. The palate is flavoursome with capsicum, herbaceous and citrus flavours. The wine is not bone dry and the flavours linger on a refreshing acid finish.

Edenvale Sauvignon Blanc is full of ANTIOXIDANT with ORAC score of 520 units per 100ml. Daily intake of between 3,000 and 5,000 ORAC units is suggested to have a significant impact on plasma and tissue antioxidant capacity, and more effectively neutralise harmful free radicals.

**The ORAC unit (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), ORAC value, or ORAC score is a method developed by scientists at the National Institute of Health and Aging (NIH) to measures the antioxidant capacity of different foods.

Proudly made from only the best selected South Eastern Australian wine grapes, this premium alcohol removed wine contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume, well below the international standard for non-intoxicating, and a level similar to that found in natural fruit juices.

Food Pairing Suggestions:

  1. Western Cuisine: cheese, salad, pasta
  2. Malaysian delicacies: Nasi lemak, porridge, banana leaf rice
  3. Perhaps with fruit tarts..

For Whom is Alcohol-Free Wines?

  • For modern, health conscious group who simply love a wine taste but have no appetite for alcohol.
  • For those who prefer not to drink alcohol for health, fitness, pregnancy, safety (designated drivers), or religious reasons.
  • For people watching for calories (average 20 kcal per 100ml)
  • For accompaniment with food, cooking, work or social occasion
  • For celebrations, weddings, receptions, parties, birthdays, Christmas or daily pleasure.