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Cold Brew Black Concentrate (1L)
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Cold Brew Black Concentrate (1L)
Last update: Mar 29, 2023
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Product Description Specification

Cold Brew Black Concentrate to be mixed for cocktails and mocktails upon serving. 1 bottle of 1Litre is worth 25 servings of 200ml Cold Brews, cocktails or mocktails. BENEFITS Cold Brews are preferred over espresso based beverages for its very smooth and clean flavours, similarly likened to a hand drip/pour over technique. Cold Brews are easier on the stomach since it is much lower in acidity compared to espresso based beverages. COLD BREW  The Cold Brew Black Concentrate are made from specialty coffee beans using Single Origins to bring out maximum sweetness and lower acidity in the drink. The Cold brew comes in the size of a glass bottle of 1,000ml. Please keep the cold brew refrigerated always and away from sunlight as the the product may discolour due to exposure and change in taste profile due to change in temperature. Products will arrive within 7-10 days upon confirmation of order.