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Averex Sanitec  - FS2 Natural Organic Deposit Digester & Deoderizer (5L)
Averex Sanitec - FS2 Natural Organic Deposit Digester & Deoderizer (5L)
Last update: Nov 30, 2023
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Product Description Specification

Sanitec FS2 is a highly effective food grade organic deposit digester and deodorizer that can be used in grease traps and drains. It controls animal fats and waste buildup effectively and allows a free regular flowing drain. FS2 also helps to effectively eliminate foul smell in the dumpster and the surrounding of the dumpster area (ash trays,carpets,trash cans).

● Food grade 
● High - performance 
● Mild odour 
● Liquid 
● Can be used for various use (grease trap,drain lines,septic tanks)

● Food grade (safe to be used in food processing & food preparation area) 
● Environmental friendly 
● Controls build-up with regular use 
● Controls odour with regular use 
● Non-corrosive

Application (can ONLY be used after operating hours in restaurants)

● Restaurants/Fast-food restaurants/Eateries/Bistros/Food court 
● Food processing plant 
● Food preparation area 
● Kitchen area 
● Dumping site

● Hotel kitchen 
● Malls (food outlet) 
● Pubs 
● Bars

Why should you choose us? 
● HALAL certified 
● SIRIM certified 
● Food grade 
● FDA/USDA compliance

Use instruction (suitable for liquid dispenser and for spray and wipe application)
1. Restaurant/Kitchen/Food processing area :
Grease trap size :
FS2 dosage ➤ less than 500L :300-400ml per day ➤ 500-1000L : 400-600ml per day ➤ more than 1000L : 700ml per day
Make sure the restaurant's operating hours are OVER.
Pump SANITEC FS2 according to the size of the grease trap.

Pack size available: 5L
Shelf life: 2 years
For a purchase of 20L above, please chat with Borong team directly.Feel free to contact Borong team for more info. Our products are supplied to various factories and businesses direct from FACTORY