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Seasons Ice Lemon Green Tea 300ml (24 Units Per Carton)
Seasons Ice Lemon Green Tea 300ml (24 Units Per Carton)
Last update: Feb 05, 2024
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Seasons Ice Lemon Green Tea 300ml x 24 Cans

Refresh your day the natural way with F&N Seasons Tea! It is packed with fruity zest and it is brewed from natural tea extracts. The green tea creates a base of antioxidants which is great for health and can prevent the aging process. Besides, F&N Seasons tea does not contain any artificial colouring or added preservatives and can be consumed by people of all ages.

It tastes great on its own, or even when mixed with other beverages to create mocktails and cocktails. Liked by many, this beverage should always be in stock, so dont forget to stock up!

Seasons Ice Lemon flavoured Green Tea
300ml can
Carton of 24