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Trehalose 1KG
Trehalose 1KG
Last update: May 13, 2022
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Trehalose is a carbohydrate ingredient used in baking, beverages, chocolates and other food formulations. The molecule is made up of two glucose units and does not participate in Maillard or caramelization reactions.Its anti-staling properties, thermal stabilization of wheat proteins and beneficial impact on bread yeast make it an ideal component of frozen dough systems.Trehalose can be used to:
Increase moisture retention in baked goods, reduce chewiness and hardness and keep the product moist for longer. Trehalose :-
Provide anti-staling properties.
Improve yeast viability in frozen doughs.
Enhance the quality of bread made from frozen dough.It can be used in bread and other baked goods due to its protein stabilizing properties and texture improvement. Bread baked with up to 11% trehalose was preferred in a sensory comparison test over the control. It was also found to reduce bread hardening rate.