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Nutri Pure 13 Spices Powder (33g)
Nutri Pure
Nutri Pure 13 Spices Powder (33g)
Last update: May 04, 2024
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  Nutri Pure 13 Spices Powder 100% Natural Seasoning NO Extra Additives NO Extra Preservatives NO Artificial Flavoring   13 spice powder is a spice powder prepared with 13 spices. It is like an upgraded version of 5 spices. It contains 13 different spices that make it have a deeper, profound flavor profile.   13 spice powder is suitable to use for cuisine that requires stronger seasonings to enhance the flavor.   Use in: Stir fry, Marinades, Dry rubs   Use for: Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Vegetables    Storage method: Keep at cool dry place   Shelf life: 18 months