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RIO Moth Balls Colour (130gm x 48)
RIO Moth Balls Colour (130gm x 48)
Last update: Sep 20, 2023
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?? Proudly Malaysia made product! 
RIO is Nibou's sundry products, A.K.A every houses must own cleaning essential! Practical, organised, easily transportable and most importantly diversified. ✨

Why RIO by Nibou?
✅ Get greate result 
✅ Save time and frustration 
✅ You will witness the divine cleaning capacities of RIO! 

Why RIO moth balls series?
✅ Come in different colours 
✅ Keep the clothes and paper from mold or moth larvea 

(Example) suitable to resell channel: 
✅ Hypermarket
✅ Supermarket 
✅ Mini market

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