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Immucafe19 (1ctn x 12 Box)
Immucafe19 (1ctn x 12 Box)
Last update: Apr 01, 2022
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Xnegy's Immune Booster Drink is a supplement drink to strengthen the body's immune system. It has the ability to help to control blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol levels, and maintain normal blood pressure. One of the fundamental problems with most people being unhealthy is the lack of a strong body's immune system. Boosting and strengthening the body's immune system is the main key point. Many patients with Coronavirus and 3-HIGHS have significantly improved their bodies after drinking Xnegy's Immune Booster Drink. Main functions: ► Improve body immune system. Help strengthen lungs & resist viruses attacks. ► Control blood pressure ► Stabilize blood sugar & lower cholesterol effectively ► Relieve symptoms of asthma & rhinitis Core ingredients: ✅ Lignosus rhinocerus (Tiger Milk Mushroom) Mainly act as the agent of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immune system regulation Functions: Protect lungs, relieve cough and asthma, improve respiratory tract, nasal sensitivity, enhance joint function, treat skin sensitivity effectively, energize the body, improve immune function, anti-tumor. ✅Colostrum Enhance body's resistance to the external environment, prevent and reduce allergic reactions Functions: Enhance immune system, promote growth and development of IQ, eliminate fatigue, delay aging, regulate blood sugar, enhance physical fitness, improve exercise performance, help recovery after illness, regulate intestinal flora and promote the development of gastrointestinal tissue. ✅Beta-glucan Activate the body's immune system, lower cholesterol, and anti-cancer Functions: Activate the immune system, remove free radicals in the body, reduce bad cholesterol, promote a healthy heart, stabilize blood sugar, help fight cancer, clear intestines, and protect the skin. ✅Soluble fiber Promote bowel movement, delay the digestion and absorption of fat and sugar and prevent obesity Functions: Prevent constipation, help lose weight, prevent colon and rectal cancer, prevent hemorrhoids, reduce blood fat, prevent coronary heart disease, improve symptoms of diabetes, improve oral and dental functions, prevent gallstones, prevent breast cancer in women. Immune Booster Drink is suitable for daily consumption. A pack of Immune Booster Drink can be prepared by using I00ml to 150ml of hot water. It's simple, convenient, and fast. The recommended consumption is I to 2 cups a day. 有防疫四大天王 ✅虎乳芝: 护肺/强化肺部/消炎 ✅B葡聚糖: 预防呼吸道感染/强化疫苗功效 ✅牛初乳: 提升免疫功能/降低血糖/修复损坏细胞 ✅可溶性纤维: 降低脂肪与胆固醇 这些都能针对性和快速增强免疫力及改善肺炎患者症状的珍贵的材料‼️ #IMMUCOCOA19 #Immuneboosterdrink 15:50 Masih minum air suam untuk elakkan virus Covid-19? Kena jaga-jaga ya! Setiap hari keluar rumah pun takut akan kena… tak boleh tahan lah… Immucafe19 & Immucocoa19 ada duta doktor, satu bulan telah laris beribu kotak. Kini keluar rumah macam ada beribu askar dalam badan tolong menentang ancaman virus. Balik rumah boleh tidur lena. Minuman Penggalak Imuniti Pertama di Malaysia membantu ✅ Meningkatkan imuniti badan ✅ Mengurangkan gejala Long Covid ✅ Manambahbaik keberkesanan vaksin ✅ Mengawal tekanan darah, menurunkan kolesterol & mengalakkan metabolisme ✅ Minum dengan yakin (Lulus KKM - GMP, HACCP, HALAL Manufacturing) Rekomen 1 hari 1 pek untuk yang ✅ Baru dapat suntikan vaksin ✅ Baru kena nak kurangkan gejala ✅ Nak galakkan imuniti dan elakkan jangkitan