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Honestea Uji Latte Grade Matcha Powder | 20 Units x 100gm
Honestea Uji Latte Grade Matcha Powder | 20 Units x 100gm
Last update: Sep 27, 2022
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Uji Matcha - Latte / Cafe Grade - Light Green in Color (Slightly better than Shizuoka Matcha) - Milder taste - Slightly low in terms of Bitterness - From Uji, Kyoto Japan Tea Plant - Good Aroma & Sweetness - Good for Baking, Ice Cream & Food Garnishing - Good for Matcha Lattes - Good for daily consumption as tea (If you prefer thin matcha tea) Green tea powder (Matcha) is bright green and healthy of astringency taste because of catechin. The taste is refreshing and aroma. Consume green tea powder is the best and most affordable for health reasons. Taste: Smooth, Bold, Strong green tea taste Origin: Uji, Kyoto Japan Tea Plant Grade: Beverage / Cafe Grade Ingredients: Stone Grounded Tencha Tea Leaves - No Sugar Added! Pure Tea Leaves Powder! Packaging: 100gm Packed in a re-sealable ziplock bag. Storage: To be kept in chiller after opening and away from direct sunlight