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5L Alcohol Free Disinfectant RDE (CONCENTRATED)
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5L Alcohol Free Disinfectant RDE (CONCENTRATED)
Last update: Dec 30, 2021
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Product Description Specification

Product Name: 5L Alcohol Free Disinfectant RDE

Product Description:

  • Specially formulated alcohol free disinfectant, can eliminate up to 99.9% pathogens. 
  • NOT RECOMMENDED for usage on metal, cloth, carpet, wood, leather, plants and vehicles. 
  • Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) based disinfectant 
  • CONCENTRATED (have to dilute at least 20 times, you will end up with at least 100Litres of disinfectant) 
  • Primarily used for external (outdoor) and selected indoor cleaning
  • Lime-Fragrance Solution 
  • Non Flammable 
  • Easy-Dry Solution/ Non Oily 
  • Water based disinfectant

Direction of use: 

1. Ensure usage of gloves (help prevent direct contact with the chemical and contamination) 

2. Ensure usage of facemask (avoid pathogen exposure through nose and mouth during disinfection process) 

3. Ensure proper eyewear (ensure the eyes of the user to be protected from contamination and chemical)

4. Mixing ratio:  (a) For outdoor areas: 1:20 (Pour 1L of RDE into 19L of water) (b) For indoor areas: 1:40 (Pour 1L of RDE into 39L of water) 

5. Stir and disinfect.

6. Leave area to dry and wipe with cloth after drying.


  • Keep in cool and dry place


  • Keep away from eyes 
  • If product gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water 
  • Not skin friendly 
  • Do not ingest  
  • Keep away from children