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[Extra Natural] Frozen Orange Navel Chunk 1kg
Extra Natural
[Extra Natural] Frozen Orange Navel Chunk 1kg
Last update: Apr 19, 2024
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Product Description Specification

   Our frozen fruit chunk are made from 100% fruit where we don’t add preservatives, artificial colorings and flavors. Many food services people are facing seasonal challenges where getting consistent and good quality fresh fruits during non-seasonal period is tough. What we do is we clean and treat the fruit from farm before processing them into frozen form. This is to ensure there is no contamination from the farm or outer layer of the fruit before we extract the pulp under controlled temperature and sanitized environment. Our fruit pulp is different from our competitor is we do quick freezing to lock the flavors and freshness of the fruits. This process can actually extend shelf life and can be used at will without worrying it will turn bad anytime soon. It can easily be kept 1-2 years with proper handling without thawing the fruit.