Leywin Sdn Bhd
Leywin Sdn Bhd
Leywin established in 2001, manufactured bakery ice cream powder. In 2008, Leywin Partnered with Maiho Machinery, OEM and customized the high-performance quality ice cream machine. In 2016, Leywin registered in Malaysia, Provide one-stop services for the ice cream business. Including consult, training, machinery, ingredients, R&D, after-sales services. Leywin specializes in R&D and products ice cream powder, milk tea powder, and instant coffee powder, providing customers with delicious, convenient and healthy ice dessert and cold drinks. In 2019, Leywin Firstly Promoted Low Sugar Ice Cream and Low Sugar Milktea products in the market, and plan to devote to healthy drinks for everyone.
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