Borong Partnerships
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We work with many types of partners to help revolutionise the way retailers stock up goods for their stores. Reach out today to explore ways to partner and grow together.
01 Sales Reps
Extend Borong Credit terms to retailers for the brands you represent with tracking for commission payouts.
02 Showrooms
Create virtual showrooms on Borong to exhibit your collection of Brands and extend Borong benefits.
03 Integrations
Ease workflows for Borong customers by integrating your inventory management or ERP system and enable automated inventory tracking, order management, and product syncing.
04 Industry Associations
Increase visibility of your brand membership on the Borong Marketplace and gain access to a new audience of potential brand and retailer members.
05 Brand and Retailer Communities
Celebrate and promote your community of brands or retailers on our platform. Build on-ramps for your community to grow wholesale on Borong.
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